Geant4 7.1 Release Notes
June 30th, 2005

The code and binary libraries for the supported systems are available through our Source Code Web page.

Please refer to the Geant4 User Documentation for further information about using Geant4.


  1. Supported and Tested Platforms
  2. AIDA and CLHEP
  3. Known Run-Time Problems
  4. Compilation Warnings
  5. Known Run-Time Warnings
  6. Items for migration of the user code
  7. Detailed list of changes and fixes

1. Supported and Tested Platforms

Official platforms: More verified configurations: Platforms configured but not tested and not supported:


Geant4 7.1 requires the installation of CLHEP.
Tests have been performed with CLHEP-
The software has been verified to be still compatible with CLHEP-

Geant4 7.1 examples with histogramming cowork with AIDA 3.2.1 implementations. These include: AIDA headers can be downloaded from:

3. Known Run-Time Problems and Limitations

For a complete list of outstanding run-time problems and to submit any problem you may find running this version of Geant4, please refer to the Geant4 Problem Reporting System.

4. Compilation Warnings

There may be compilation warnings on some platforms. We do not believe that any will lead to incorrect run-time behaviour.

5. Known Run-Time Warnings

The following message can be written to error output while tracking. We believe it does not give rise to incorrect behaviour.
    G4PropagateInField: Warning: Particle is looping 
    -  tracking in field will be stopped. 
       It has performed 1000 steps in Field while a maximum of 1000
       are allowed. 

6. Items for migration of the user code

Some minor migrations may be necessary for advanced uses of features in Geant4 in order to upgrade from release 7.0 to release 7.1, a full recompilation and/or reinstallation of libraries and user applications is anyhow required.

New Installation flags

Some installation flags have been introduced or slightly modified:

New Data libraries

New data libraries for "low-energy" processes (G4LOWEN-3.0) and "elastic scattering" at high-energy (G4ELASTIC-1.1) should be used in this release.

User defined solids

User codes which include implementations of customised solids are required to slightly modify their implementation of the helper method for visualization DescribeYourselfTo() to replace the call to AddThis() with AddSolid().

7. Detailed list of changes and fixes

These are the main new features/fixes included in this release since the last patched public release (for the detailed list of fixes/additions, please refer to the related History files provided in most packages):


Digitization & Hits

Electromagnetic Processes (Low-energy)

Electromagnetic Processes (Standard)


General Processes: Decay, Transportation



Graphical Representations


Hadronic Processes



Run, Itercoms and Interfaces

Track and Tracking


Physics lists

G3toG4 Tool